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Mega/Op 30 day monster Challenge 4-20

I have forgotten to cross post so here are the next seventeen Halloween challenge fics, under LJ-cut for everyones sanity ^^;

Halloween Challenge Day 4 to 20 behind the cutCollapse )


Mega/Op 30 day monster Challenge ; Day 3

Title: Slime
Author: xobit_prime
Summery: So yes… how do you manage Megatron/Optimus and the prompt Slime? Apparently with a trip to the spa and the idea that the Blob would be awesome at removing organic taints from the Cybertronian bodywork…
Genre: Romance-ish
Universe: AU, G1/TFA/IDW smashup, AU The Blob
Rating: MA/PG-18
WARNINGS: AU, G1/TFA/IDW smashup, AU The Blob (yes I went there so sue me!), slash, masturbation, mention of toys… killing your childhood with robot sex? Possibly bestiality... does a blob from outta space count as an animal?

Halloween Challenge Day 3: Slime

(Should I keep posting these every day or just... once a week? or what D: )


Mega/Op 30 day monster Challenge

I am doing the 30 day monster challenge with Megatron/Optimus, here are the first two entries;

Title: Harpy
Author: xobit_prime
Summery: A long and hard journey is over, but what lies in wait at the end?
Genre: Romance/Drama
Universe: TFA/TFP AU
Rating: MA
WARNINGS: AU, mangled Greek myths, myths gender bending?

Halloween Challenge Day 1: Harpy

Title: Centaur
Author: xobit_prime
Summery: The inevitable fate of one species of beings has an unexpected impact on the course of another species’ choices...
Genre: Romance/Drama
Universe: G1-ish AU
Rating: MA
WARNINGS: AU, implied species extinction, implied slash, gregarious use/abuse of Greek and Latin terms/names

Halloween Challenge Day 2: Centaur


On the Fields of Freedoms Edge - Chapter 3

Title: On the Fields of Freedoms Edge
Rating: R
Pairing: Megatron/Optimus Prime
Summary: TF Prime. Optimus goes to extreme measures to stop Megatron once and for all

Chapter 3 (LJ)
Chapter 3 (FF.net)
Chapter 3 (AO3)

On the Fields of Freedoms Edge - Chapter 2

Title: On the Fields of Freedoms Edge
Rating: R
Pairing: Megatron/Optimus Prime
Summary: TF Prime. Optimus goes to extreme measures to stop Megatron once and for all

Chapter 2

On the Fields of Freedoms Edge - Chapter 1

Title: On the Fields of Freedoms Edge
Rating: R
Pairing: Megatron/Optimus Prime
Summary: TF Prime. Optimus goes to extreme measures to stop Megatron once and for all

Chapter 1

Collaboration art and fic: Feral

First time poster here, I hope I am doing it right.

Title: Feral
Artist: megop_murr_miay
Continuity: TFA AU
Work Safe: Yes
CONTAINS: Optimus/Orion with cat features in chains and Megatron’s hand. There are no sexual content apart from the restraints.

Feral the Art

Title: Feral
Author: xobit_prime
Summery: On a planet a long way from Cybertron something impossible is found, only… it is not quite as impossible as it first seemed…
Genre: Romance
Universe: TFA AU
Rating: MA/PG-18
WARNINGS: Sticky, slash, suggestions of wanting to perform bestiality (but no actual bestiality), romance, M-preg, transformers birth, enslaving/owning a pet

Feral the Fic

Transformers Exodus

Finished reading Transformers Exodus........
da bookCollapse )

PS: and the most mind blowing part of the book is this:
M: "Optimus Prime, what do you have hidden within your body? Soon I will have my chance to find out, brother!" >>>>>it's sounds soooo wrong somehow XD
and this too: M:"We will always be brothers. We are bound together". >>>>>>my reaction.....are you sure it's only brother megs?   XDXDDDXDXDDD
Title: Pandora
Characters: Megatron and Orion Pax (post season-finale) are the main two, but Airachnid's in it too.
Verse: TF: Prime
Wordcount: 2,600
Rating: PG
Summary: Orion Pax is adjusting to life on the Nemesis, but his fellow Decepticons keep reminding him of that hole in his memories. He's rapidly deciding he needs to know what he's lost... and why.

Thanks to [info]xianghua for beta.

Pandora )

Also on FFN here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7552525/1/
 It is about those two sexy robots, Optimus Prime and Megatron. I hope you enjoy it. If you do like it, please go to youtube and comment or something. Tell me how to make it better, and I'll make more! How exciting~


Static Lullaby:

A little oneshot I wrote; I hope it's okay to post considering no one has in a while. Anyways; please enjoy...

Title: Static Lullaby
Chapter: One Shot
Fandom: Transformers (Movies)
Disclaimer: I do not any of the characters but I do own the plot bunny. Transformers does not belong to me although I wish it did.
Pairings: Megatron/Optimus
Rating: NC-17  
Warning: Dubcon; graphic meck/mech spark sex; plug 'n play, violence. All I can think of now; let me know if there is somthing else.
Summery: Optimus longs for his sparkmate and gets something not even he thought he wanted.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think. 

Here's the link:  http://snowy-way.livejournal.com/5250.html#cutid1

Come on....

Come on and pick it up guys! This is one of the best MOP fansites on the net and no ones posting! Here, I bring links! This story is not mine it belongs to lyricality and I hope I'm not offending her by posting it:) It is one of the single best MOP stories ever written that I've read. So Enjoy!!


Anyone alive in here?

If so, I bring fic!

Title: Divide
Characters/Pairing: Megatron/Orion Pax
Verse: Transformers: Exodus (Yeah, I know Transformers: Prime is supposedly the same continuity. I don't buy it.)
Rating: M for spark-sex
Warnings: Spark-sex, possibly maybe some mild BDSM if you look at it sideways.
Summary: When his young friend Orion Pax visits the blasted ruins of Kaon, wanting to know exactly what his hero's vision for a new Cybertron actually is... Megatron shows him.

Thanks to neonstilettos for beta reading.

Divide )

also here on FF.N if you prefer: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6517130/1/Divide

Feeling Hobbit-y

Today's my birthday and in honor of the hobbit tradition, I have fic for you to enjoy.

Title: 28 M/OPs Part 2
Rating: PG-13
Character: Megatron and Optimus Prime
'Verse: G1 with IDW elements.
Disclaimer: I don't own them and I write fanfiction for fun. No copyright infringement is intended.

Thanks to stormqueen873

Fake cut to #12 Turned On

Title: My Hearth, My Tomb

And here you thought you could get away from me...

Title: My Hearth, My Tomb
Author: dreamerchaos
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are owned by Hasbro. I'm only playing with them.
Rating: R. For violence and hinted mechxmech slash.
Pairing: MegatronxOptimus Prime.
Summary: Be warned. Slash between two mechs. Takes place in 2007 and 2009 movie universe. Drabbles could be read in consecutive order.
First drabble is more of a personal amusement. I like the idea of the two mechs as younglings. I wonder which one of the two was more of the troublemaker.
Second drabble is my fave. I love ‘what if’s. Too much fun, so little time.
Oh…and little blurbs before each drabble are by me…
Author’s note: Ummm… clit0325, I know that you wanted an drabble with this pairing, but I don’t think I got the universe right. XP I think I was supposed to do IDW for you. I’ll have to retrack my steps and find out exactly what your request was. So Sorry!

DrabblesCollapse )


28 M/OP: Prompts 1 - 11

Title: 28 M/OP fics, Part 1
Rating: Varies
Characters: Megatron, Optimus, and others
'Verse: G1, with IDW elements
Author: Rosieknight
Disclaimer: Not mine, obviously.

NaughtyCollapse )

HappyCollapse )

SillyCollapse )

AngstyCollapse )

On VacationCollapse )

HornyCollapse )

TransformingCollapse )

ExcitedCollapse )

Book ReadingCollapse )

DancingCollapse )

JealousCollapse )

Author's NoteCollapse )


Megs/OP Lovechild

Been pretty quiet here....

So I stumbled up an interesting TF wiki article. Apparently from the Transformers 2010 (TF season 3 in JP) story pages manga, A robot/shell named "Guiltaur" existed. He is essentially the love child of Optimus Prime and Megatron created by the quints. http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Guiltar

Thoughts? Opinions?

*wanders in bearing fanfiction*

It appears this place is dead. But if it isn't... have a fanfic.

Title: Sparks
Characters/Pairing: Megatron and Optimus (slash), some incidentals (including Sentinel Prime, who is still a jerk, even in this 'verse... *insane cackling*)
Verse: IDW, but based on an RP between myself and the person this is a gift for, so a lot of events have happened since. (Set in the same 'verse as Dissolution and Distortion; read Dissolution if you want to know what happened to Starscream.)
Wordcount: 3,550+ (Longest oneshot I ever wrote. Phew. Anyone got a spare energon cube? No? Okaaaa -- *thunk*)
Rating: M
Warnings: Sexual content of the sparkish variety. Saying more would spoil the story.
Summary: This is a giftfic for aeon_entwined , who RPs as Optimus Prime to my Megatron. Hopefully it's clear enough from context what's going on, but in case it's not: there's currently a truce between the factions, in part because the two leaders are completely smitten with one another. (Fear not, Megatron fans: he hasn't gone soft, he's just gone extra devious. And likes sexing Optimus. A lot.) This fic is based on a few lines of our RP, in which Megatron has just returned to the Decepticon base and is contemplating the Matrix he stole from Optimus.

Nota Bene: The concept of Optimus's scar and where it comes from is derived from this wonderful piece of fanart.

Sparks )


Hey everyone!

I made a movieverse amv using Jordin Sparks "Battlefield" I heard this song the other day, and Megatron and Optimus was the first thing that popped into my head. I think it's a great song for them.

Spoilers for TF2 if you haven't seen it.

Better Quality version now up - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOMRFFyJUB0



Title: Design
Author(s): character_bleed, Demyrie
Characters, pairing: Megatron (Demyrie), Optimus Prime (character_bleed)::MegatronxOptimus
Location: criminal_savior
Verse: Dystopian Transformers: Animated
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slavery, non-con, language.

A/N: This is an rp between Demyrie and myself; for now, the posts are separated by ----- to show who wrote what, because we both wrote a lot of background. It is technically on hiatus as of right now due to some writer's block issues with Demy, but I figured I'd post it here because... Well, honestly, I think it's some of the best writing I've ever done. I rarely enjoy what I write, and looking back at this, I wonder how the hell I managed to write like this. Must've been Demy's influence XD;

I know it's long, but please drop me a note about what you think~ Demyrie opened, and my first post is under the first -----.

15000 | 50000


Gaining Perspective, Chapter 3/?

Back with a new chapter:

Fandom: Transformers movie(s)
Pairing: Megatron/Optimus Prime
Title: Gaining Perspective
Author: dragon_fanworks here, ryuuko1 at ff.net
Rating: PG-13, but will push R at some points.  Those chapters will be marked.
Chapter: 3/?
Summary: After one of Starscream's bids for power actually works, Optimus Prime and Megatron find themselves in a situation they would have never dreamed possible...

This is chapter 3, the latest: Click me!

Here's Chapter 1: This way...

And 2: Follow me!

Thanks!  :D


Fic Offering

Hallo!  I come bringing fic, obviously of the OptimusxMegatron variety. 

Fandom: Transformers movie(s)
Pairing: Megatron/Optimus Prime/Megatron
Title: Gaining Perspective
Author: dragon_fanworks here, ryuuko1 at ff.net
Rating: PG-13, but will push R at some points.
Summary: When one of Starscream's power-plays actually works, Megatron and Optimus Prime find themselves in a situation they would have never thought possible...

Here be chapter 1

And this is chapter 2!

Which is all I have to offer right now.  Thanks for looking!

Been farting around this place with nothing to contribute since I'm still trying to draw robots, BUT I have found someone else that enjoys our unhealthy obsession with these two. XD

I bring you pics! They are all done by CloudiaO and feature many OPxMeg moments!. XD the link ------>cloudia0.deviantart.com/gallery/#Transformers 

here's an example and my personal fav. 

LOVE her art. XD

Fic Recs (I hope this is allowed...)

Hi kids,
As far as I can tell this is allowed, but if not mods, please feel free to lay the smack-down...

I'm new to this fandom, so...Optimus x Megatron Fic recs? Got any? I've read everything on this comm and I'm starving for more...

Anything is good! The classics, your favs, etc etc.

Oh My....

Okay, i feel like a spammer pics on this comm^^;
Find this images on someone signature on forum and i suddenly SQUEE-ing over this image <3<3<3

Click here XDCollapse )

Is anyone know from which comic those image came from?


This comic panel kinda amused me

Found this cutscene from Movie verse comic book Defiance.
Megatron's words kinda amused me LOL

Megatron's words kinda amused me LOLCollapse )


Forbidden Bond (In-progress)

EDIT: Now I'm up to chapter 14! GO back to reading it! 

Here's my big OPxMeg fic, that I'm still working on!

It's from FF.Net, just follow the links below...

Universe: G1
Pairing: Megatron/Optimus
Rating: M
Summary: When Optimus Prime and Megatron (almost) accidentaly created a bond between them, they thought it was the worst that could happens. They were wrong...Were they? Contains MPreg/Angst/Torture/Non-con/Slash and more...


Transformers - ROTF - Bad Prime bad

The movie was questionable quality and plot line, but what was missing in movie was done in merchandise.Prequel Defiance was sort of Saruman version of talking with Saroun, but who would object if Saruman looks like Megs? Well, I am not giving and spoilers, but something for your viewing pleasure, which is quite fitting to this community. This time it is one of the front page of the comics with very very questionable pose.

Enjoy under the lj cutCollapse )
Title: MegatronxOptimus Prime(Orion Pax) Drabbles
Author: dreamerchaos
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are owned by Hasbro. I'm only playing with them.
Rating: G all the way to Mature.
Summary: Short, short drabbles, ranging from G to Mature. Alternate Universes. Be warned. Slash between two mechs. Takes place in G1, IDW, 2007 movie, and ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ universe. So beware of SPOILERS. None of these drabbles are are meant to be in consecutive order.
Author’s Note: I planned another alphabet sequence with this pairing, but for some reason I am having a harder time than planned finishing, so I thought I’d simply post the drabbles I’ve managed to write so far…

DrabblesCollapse )


28Mops link also known as Survivors

I don't think I've been any more happy in my miserable little squishy life as I am now- It works!!!! YAAAY! Squuueeeee! i'm so pleased! So its crap-so what! its a first time try it'll do.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment and helped me out. You guys are the greatest. Maybe now I can actually post the fics up without taking up the whole site! X3



Sacred Trust

Title: Sacred Trust
Author: eerian_sadow
Rating: PG
Prompt: Transformers, Megatron/Optimus Prime - Hurt/comfort - Solace in the unlikeliest of places; safety in the arms of the enemy
Warnings: mech/mech snuggles. Does that really even rate a warning?
Word Count: 507
Author’s Notes: my apologies for the tardiness of this fic. Real life intervened in the form of babies and sickness. (my friend had a baby and I got sick) this was origonally written for the november 2008 round of springkink, but since you have to be 18+ to see anything posted in that comm, i thought i would share it here, too.

fake cut to my journal


TITLE: Duobus
GENRE: angst/drama/apocalyptic
SUMMARY: Peace is the war that never happened.
PAIRING: OptimusxMegatron
STATUS: Complete (5 chapters)
WARNINGS: AU, SLASH, violence, disturbing imagery, bad language and sexual situations.
OTHER NOTES: This story was actually inspired by an old 80's TV movie called "The Day After" and festered in my brain for a year before I wrote it. This is the result.

FF.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4597179
AFF.net: http://cartoon.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600091658
Transfictions.net: http://www.kuroimiko.net/tffics/viewstory.php?sid=831
Y!: http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/view/474372/ (note: You may have to register or log in to see this, I had to make my Y! members only)

Fic trailer!

Something I'm cooking up...

Crack fic

Title: Compromising positions
Author: RosieKnight
Rating: See the note at the end.
Characters: Optimus Prime, Megatron
Disclaimer: Not mine!

Summary: Megatron and Optimus are in an... interesting position. Pure crack.

Optimus Prime stared into Megatron's optics...Collapse )
>>; I mixed and edited sounds from the movie to do this. The groan from when he transformers for Bonecrusher, that grunt he does when Megatron chucks him at a building and that little "ugh" groan he does when he wants Sam to "keep searching" for the glasses. So they all came together into a lovely little Optimus overload that'll make your ears blush.

NSFW! Wear headphones!

He even says "please" first...

'Twas a contest fic.

Title: Mesa Meeting
Author: RosieKnight
Rating: PG-13
Words: 924
Characters/Pairing: Optimus, Megatron
Universe: G1 AU
Prompt: Secret Rendezvous
Disclaimer: I don’t own Transformers, so please don’t sue!

Summary: Megaton and Optimus take a break from the war to talk.

Mesa MeetingCollapse )


Related to my A Dance to Remember/Between Mind and Heart fanfic continuity.*

They loved from their first moments. Ten billion years and now Optimus has to go on alone.

This is all about his agony.

LossCollapse )

*These fics are not posted here because the main pairing is Optimus/Mikaela and I'm not gonna break my own rules.


For those who love the Optimus x Megatron pairing.

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